Mocossi’s story

Please keep in mind that our white paper is a work in progress and will be updated as more information becomes available.

In 2048, advancements in science and technology enabled mankind to expand the search for interstellar planets in the universe. The search uncovered an Earth-like planet without any signs of humans and that is home to several intelligent alien species named Mocomon. After years of study, scientists found that the adorable inhabitants of this extraterrestrial space could coexist with earthly humans. Consequently, countries began sending more and more hooomans to inhabit the planet. As time passed, we entered a new evolutionary era, one in which we live in harmony and peace with our alien friends, the Mocomons.

Building on this concept, we are delighted to introduce Mocossi Planet, a game where participants can play and earn by taking care of their virtual pets and participating in farming activities. Basically, the starting point for players is to raise and bond with their Mocomons like they would with their real pets. Strongly bonded relationships will be rewarded with ‘mood points’ that can be used to farm and deliver products. By engaging in farming activities, players will not only have fun but also earn in-game currency.

Mocossi Planet is one of the first play-and-earn games on the Cardano blockchain. It is different from other traditional virtual pet games in that it incorporates both virtual pet and farming simulation elements and implements smart contracts in its in-game ecosystem. Apart from being entertained, players can earn real money as a reward for their contribution to the growth of our ecosystem (e.g., lands, houses, and Mocomons).

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