Benefits for Mocomon owners

Mocomon holders have several benefits that increase with time as the game develops. Previously, Genesis Mocomon holders enjoyed early access to the game, $MCOS token airdrops, in-game earnings, exclusive NFTs, and discounted lands. For non-Genesis holders, the benefits included in-game earnings, participation in the DAO, and the right to vote on whether or not the breeding feature would be added to ITO2.

Nevertheless, while developing the game, we always think a great deal about how we could provide more benefits to our holders and players. Due to this, we decided to add more utilities to both ITO and ITO2. The table below illustrates the latest benefits for both ITO and ITO2 holders.

Below are the common benefits for both ITO and ITO2 owners. Please note that although some of the benefits are similar, their magnitudes are different.

  • Play and earn features. As both ITO1 and ITO2 characters are playable, they can be imported into the game to play and earn (once it is ready to play).

  • Participation in the DAO. As a member of Mocossi’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), players determine the game's future through voting.

  • $MCOS airdrops. All ITO, ITO2 and land holders will be airdropped certain amounts of $MCOS if they keep their assets at the time of the snapshot.

  • Whitelist. First on the whitelist for land sales are wallets with ITOs. After all slots for ITOs have been filled, wallets with the most ITO2s will be considered. Public sales for non-ITO holders will then follow.

  • Voting. There will be 50,000 ITO2s born through breeding. When half of the number of ITO2s are generated, owners can vote to add the breeding feature to ITO2 (currently, only ITOs can breed). The creation of the third generation of ITOs will be our first significant governance decision together!

Additionally, ITO holders are entitled to the following exclusive benefits that are not available to ITO2 holders:

  • Enjoy early access to the game. When our minimum viable product is released, the game will be available to randomly selected owners so they can test it and receive rewards.

  • Purchase properties and lands at a discount. These are features that can boost Mocomons’ moods and prepare them for future quests (including those in core game features and monthly challenges). Additionally, a high level of mood allows the Mocomons to earn more rewards.

  • Level skipping. ITOs can skip levels when they start the game based on how many times they breed. Therefore, they can earn sooner than those who breed less or never.

  • Receive exclusive NFTs, our tokens of goodwill to Mocomons’ owners. These NFTs will be distributed randomly to the wallets that possess the genesis Mocomons or to those who participate in and win out-of-game future contests (please note that these NFTs have no in-game utilities but only collectible values).

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