Private sales

Our private sales are intended for organizations, institutional investors, and private holders of our NFTs (ITO1, ITO2, and lands). These sales result from our desire to diversify different types of investors, thereby ensuring the project's sustainability and attracting new investors to help the project grow. We plan to hold the private sales once we identify a number of quality institutions that could assist the project in going mainstream. Upon reaching our goal, we will announce the date for the private sales. In order to be transparent with our holders, we will publish information about these organizations and institutions.

To address concerns regarding the price of $MCOS being highly fluctuated after private sales, we plan to implement a vesting schedule for 36 months. This is intended to prevent the injection of large amounts of $MCOS into the market at once, thus reducing the value of our tokens. Detailed mechanisms will be updated as more information becomes available.

Please note that this is conceptual and can change based on market conditions and information available to us at the time. The changes (if any) will, however, be clearly communicated to our holders.

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