Why Cardano?

We believe in science, and the blockchain behind Cardano adheres to that. The Cardano project came about in 2015 as a research project to examine how cryptocurrencies could be improved. It is the first blockchain to be built on thorough scientific principles (1). So far Charles Hoskinson and his team have published over 140 papers (2), laying a solid foundation for not just Cardano but cryptocurrency in general (3).

Cardano blockchain requires reasonable gas fees to process transactions. Cardano’s fee structure is designed to stymie fee explosion (4), a problem we have seen with Ethereum lately. The average transaction fee on the Ethereum network skyrocketed from roughly $16 in May (5) to $63 in November 2021 (6). In contrast, the average gas fee for Cardano was just around $0.3 during the same period (7).

Cardano’s vision for a “decentralized Africa” is huge. We are talking about 5 million students and teachers in Ethiopia who will soon acquire blockchain-based digital identities (8). Moreover, Cardano blockchain infrastructure will provide affordable network nodes for 60 million Tanzanians to access sustainable internet through renewable energy (9). One might wonder why Cardano’s vision for Africa has anything to do with us. Think about this: if Cardano delivers what it promises, it will soon dominate the Africa continent. Isn’t this something worth considering?

While we could go on about the reasons why we choose Cardano, these reasons should suffice for now to remain optimistic about its future. Hence, we conclude this section with a strong belief that Cardano is the ideal blockchain solution for our GameFi project.

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