Our play-and-earn mechanism

Centralized traditional games allow players to gain wealth by speculating on game features, such as characters, skins, and accessories. With our decentralized GameFi, players can also achieve the same (or even more). However, unlike centralized games where developers have complete control over the rewarding mechanism, our decentralized protocol aims for a transparent and non-manipulative rewarding protocol.

Below are Mocossi’s play-and-earn protocols:

  • To start, players must own at least 1 Mocomon. In return for keeping their Mocomons healthy and happy, players will be rewarded with efficient mood points to farm and deliver products to earn in-game currency.

  • Players can breed their Mocomons and sell them on the marketplace or use them to earn rewards. They can also lease their Mocomons to other players for breeding and share in their profits. A detailed mechanism will be announced as more information is made available.

  • Alternatively, they can exchange our in-game currency Moshi for $MCOS tokens and stake them to receive interest on the staked amount.

  • Players can also earn in-game currency by logging in, completing daily tasks, and participating in monthly challenges.

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