Breeding fee

To ensure our players have the most rewarding experience, we have always committed to investing all of our energy and resources into the project. In preparation for the breeding feature launch, our design team is working day and night brainstorming and executing new concepts for ITO2. In particular, it takes tremendous effort to create the legendary ITO2s since we must ensure that they look as cool as possible while still maintaining the characteristics of their parents. Furthermore, certain investments are necessary for front-end and back-end development, marketing, and content creation.

When we dropped our first NFT collection in November 2021, 10,000 ITOs were sold out in 26 minutes. The mint price was 35 ADA for each ITO. At the time of writing, the current floor price is 280 ADA, and the all-time high was 330 ADA. Ideally, our fee structure will reflect the value of our project. If the breeding fee is too low for a good amount of benefits, then our project has been devalued. Therefore, after careful research and consideration, we have finally decided on the breeding fee structure listed in the table below.

Please note that the cost is per ITO per breed time and is sorted by background. The fee will continue to rise with breeding frequency in an effort to regulate inflation.

The following examples illustrate the above table. The first breed fee for a blue-coral couple is 20 ADA but the fifth one for the same couple is 34.6 ADA. In the meantime, it will cost 27.5 ADA for a purple-yellow couple for the first breed and 68.4 for the seventh breed.

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