Continual growth and maintenance are the keys to our project's sustainability. This involves several aspects, including Moconomics, Governance, Community Quality, Transparency, Scalability and Expansion, as well as Multiple Income Streams.


MCOS is at the heart of our token economy. It is a utility token that allows access to our services such as paying for breeding fees and service/marketplace fees. The Moconomics are designed to strengthen the game economy over time. For example, to make trading $MCOS easier, we ensure high liquidity on DEXs. Moreover, airdrops will be distributed in parallel with the game's development over a two-year period. In addition, as a way of demonstrating our commitment, team distribution will be unlocked over 48 months.


The role of governance is to represent voting power when it comes to important or community decisions. $MCOS and Mocossi NFT holders can decide what will happen in the future. Currently, we are developing a DAO mechanism that allows participants to vote and view results on the blockchain at their convenience. The first governance decision that awaits our community is whether ITO2 can breed. In the future, we hope to involve our community in more governance decisions once this system is up and running smoothly. However, rather than putting every decision into governance, we are developing criteria to distinguish between governance, strategy, and day-to-day operations. DAO voting will only be conducted on those that satisfy the governance criteria.

Community building

The goal is to engage with our community as much as possible. This helps us gain the community's trust and loyalty, which is essential for our success. Furthermore, we will continue to grow our community through marketing and communication, collaboration on projects, ambassadors, partnerships, and potential opportunities wherever they arise.


Transparency is a key determinant of building trust with our community and investors. Investing in a project shouldn't make anyone feel wired or suspicious. As a result, we will publish our wallet addresses (team locking contracts, burning wallet and game rewards wallets) on our website to ensure complete transparency for our investors. Furthermore, we are developing an MCOS Dashboard that gathers and reports all $MCOS related data and activities, including total $MCOS distributed, team lock status, game rewards, airdrop activities, etc.

Scalability and Expansion

Scalability refers to our ability to adjust to changes in demand without compromising performance. It is our goal to develop a system that is scalable and can handle an increased load without compromising quality.

A freemium feature could be activated once the game is established, so non-holders can play for free and gain interest. It is only optional to buy our NFTs. Those who wish to play with Mocossi NFTs will be able to afford the game through the scholarship program. Through this program, renters share a small proportion of their in-game rewards with the respective NFT owners.

Multiple Income Streams

If a crypto project fails to generate sufficient revenue to cover its expenses, it will eventually run out of funds. When this happens, it will either cease operations or attempt to raise additional funds. For our project to be sustainable, we intend to generate a variety of income streams through the following means:

  • Marketplace transaction fees

  • Breeding fees

  • ADA staking

  • Sponsorship program

  • Merchandise

  • Royalty

  • Collectible NFTs (no in-game utilities)

  • Revenue from freemium mobile games

  • In-app and website advertising

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