$MCOS’s utilities

Our goal is to increase $MCOS value while maintaining a healthy use of ADA in our payment system. In the end, $MCOS should serve as the primary currency of the entire ecosystem. Particularly, $MCOS will be our exclusive token for purchasing Mocossi’s NFTs, in-game currency, and upgrades. In addition, players can stake $MCOS for rewards or participate in the governance process.

Players can earn $MCOS through the following mechanisms:

  • Play. As mentioned above, players can play the game to earn in-game currency and exchange it for $MCOS.

  • Airdrop. By holding our NFTs, players are entitled to receive monthly airdrops, which run until August 2024 for ITO1 & ITO2 holders and August 2025 for landowners.

  • Participate. In the future, every time players participate in our governance decision-making through voting, they might receive a certain amount of $MCOS tokens as a bonus for their effort in building a stronger and more sustainable Mocossi Planet.

  • Lease. Holders can lease their lands and Mocomons to others and receive a certain amount of profit from the renting players.

  • Provide liquidity on DEXs. We will reward our $MCOS holders with $MCOS when they lock their tokens in our liquidity pool on Minswap. Besides, holders will also receive ADA and $MIN thanks to the operating mechanism of our strategic partner Minswap.

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