Every Mocomon consists of three parts: headwear, face, and body. As soon as 2 Mocomons mate and reproduce, the breeding algorithm will first decide if their offspring is legendary (0.01%) or regular (99.99%).

Every characteristic of a regular offspring has a 60% chance of inheriting either of its parents’ traits and a 40% chance of becoming mutated. In the second case, the average rarity point between the parents will be calculated first. The offspring will then be randomly assigned characteristics based on its parents’ means. In most cases, the mutated traits inherit the same rarity levels as the parents’ average rarity points. However, there is a small possibility that those hereditary properties might be less or rarer.

Finally, a corresponding background will be added to the new Mocomon based on its rarity. Players need to pay a small fee for the system to breed their Mocomons (a detailed mechanism will be disclosed as more information becomes available).

If two legendary Mocomons breed, they have a 20% chance of giving birth to a legendary Mocomon. If a legendary Mocomon is paired with a regular one, the possibility is reduced to 10% but is still higher compared to 0.01% in a regular Mocomon couple.

For now, only genesis Mocomons (or ITOs) can breed. An ITO can breed a maximum of 10 times with a 7-day cool-down period in between. The rewards will increase with the number of times an ITO breeds.

The number of second-generation ITOs (hereafter ITO2) is limited to 50,000. When half of this number is reached, ITO2 might be upgraded with a breeding function through community approval.

We are currently working on developing a marketplace for those who want to lease and rent Mocomons for breeding. We anticipate that this will not be in place until Q3 2022.

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