Mocossi Planet game

Mocossi Planet game incorporates both virtual pet and farming simulation elements. The starting point for players is to raise and bond with their Mocomons through the five main activities: feeding, bathing, boo-booing and sleeping and entertaining. Strongly bonded relationships will be rewarded with ‘mood points’ that can be used to farm and deliver products. Note that Mocomons are emotional creatures who demand love from their owners. Without enough attention and care, their mood is going to reduce over time. Thus, players must nurture and bond with their Mocomons daily to maintain the mood points. The more mood points a Mocomon has, the more farming ability it can get.

Farmable mood points, ITO rarity, and Land rarity contribute to the reward function at different weights.

At this phase, there are three ways to earn rewards:

  1. Log in to the game every day to earn a daily bonus. This bonus will be forfeited every 24 hours.

  2. Complete tasks such as farming, mining stone, and cutting wood.

  3. Deliver products according to order board.

Please keep in mind that these ideas are conceptual and still under development. We will update this section when more information becomes available.

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